3 Major Causes Of Body Odour For Women

Let's be honest - nobody wants to be the stink bomb at the gym, work or on a ladies night out. But being a busy chick can really... stink!

It's no secret that women who take care of their bodies avoid products filled with chemical nasties.

But why do we suffer from body odour? Can we stop it naturally?

body odor remedy

3 Surprising Causes Of Bad Body Odour:

1. Bacteria

Most people think it's sweat that causes bad body odour, but sweat itself is odourless. The real culprit is sneaky bacteria having a wild house party in your underarms! When bacteria and sweat mix on your skin, they rapidly multiply and cause quite the funk. Natural deodorants work by neutralising odour-causing bacteria. Check out our FAQs for more information about how natural deodorant works.

2. Stress Sweat

We have some bad news if you're a stress sweater - 'stress sweat' smells funkier than normal sweat. Why? It's secreted from a different type of gland (apocrine glands) which smelly skin bacteria LOVE. You also sweat 30x more when under stress!

3. The Food You're Eating!

Garlic and onion might complete your favourite meals, but there's a catch. Their odour can be carried in your sweat. Sulfur producing food can also contribute to bad B.O, such as cauliflower, kale and broccoli.

Another surprising cause of pit pong is alcohol - it's metabolised into acetic acid which is expelled through the pores of your skin. That explains why after a big night out you may not smell super fresh!

Good bye to body odor

Our Australian Made Deodorant are aluminium free and formulated without nasties to naturally prevent the cause of bad odour, bacteria. Head to our blog post to check whether toxic chemicals are hiding in your deodorant.
By neutralising odour causing bacteria, freshness is possible all day. Don't mask odour - prevent it!