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How To Avoid Being 'Greenwashed' Into Wasting Money On Toxic Skincare

Ever wondered how companies get away with selling toxic skincare to thousands, if not millions of people? 

It's called Greenwashing... and it's everywhere because most people don't turn over the package to read what really goes into the product.

According to a 2015 study, women apply an average of 168 chemicals to their faces and bodies every day. 

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Have you seen claims like 'contains natural ingredients' or 'made with pure cocoa butter' where products seem like a healthy choice? Too often they're creatively marketed to appear much safer than the ingredients labels reveal.

By knowing some commonly hidden nasties, we can be confident what we're putting on our skin is as clean as it appears!

Harmful Ingredients To Avoid When Buying Skincare

1. Fragrance & Parfum

Synthetic fragrances and perfumes can sneakily hide countless chemicals, as they're not required to label individual fragrance ingredients by law. And remember, products applied to the skin can  easily enter your bloodstream - who knows what you could be absorbing! Opt for products which use essential oils to scent their products, or go fragrance free.

2. Aluminium

Often found in anti-perspirants, aluminium is used to block the sweat ducts. However, in recent years there's been controversial links found between breast cancer (aluminium found to accumulate in breast tissue) and other conditions such as alzheimers. Modern natural deodorants are the perfect option to reduce aluminium exposure - keep in mind you will still perspire but be smell-free!

3. Parabens

Personal care products are the greatest contributors to paraben exposure for women! Parabens help extend product shelf life, but have been shown to artificially mimic hormones and disrupt the reproductive system (both males and females!). This can potentially play a role in fertility issues and contributing to the risk of some cancers. 

Just by switching to natural deodorant, you erase up to 15 different chemicals off your daily exposure number instantly! To read more about switching to natural deodorant, tap here to read our blog tips.

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It's time to start counting chemicals... not calories! If you're looking to reduce toxins in your household too, check out our easy home low-tox tips. Activaura is 100% natural, Australian Made and available online at the click of a button. Is it time you made the switch?