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Aluminium Free Deodorant

Every year, more consumers are ditching their trusty antiperspirant for aluminium free deodorant in Australia. But why?

20 years ago, aluminium free deodorant formulas rarely existed in Australia! Aluminium has been king for a long time in the deodorant industry.

Aluminium has been used for decades as the main ingredient in antiperspirants sprays and roll-ons. How does it work against odour? By clogging the sweat glands, aluminium works against the body to prevent stink. Although effective, aluminium has been studied and deemed a controversial ingredient due to possible links to long term health issues. 

In 1977, the FDA banned aluminium-zirconium salt from aerosol antiperspirant as a result of studies linking its particles to cause harmful effects to the lungs.

In relation to women’s health, aluminium compounds have been found in the upper outer quadrant of breast tissue when researching links between aluminium-containing antiperspirants mimicking the effects of estrogen and increased risk of cancer.

Aluminium exposure has also been widely studied for its relationship to Alzheimer’s disease. Before these controversial links were widely published to consumers, natural & aluminium free options in Australia were limited and often poorly formulated... thus ineffective.

In recent years, aluminium free deodorant Australia has advanced to be surprisingly effective against odour and reliable, without the potential health risks. However, not all Natural Deodorant of Australia are created equal. Effectiveness still varies greatly between brands and formulations!

So what’s the best option for you? Aluminium free deodorant formulated into creams and pastes are the best option if you lead an active lifestyle and need all day effectiveness. Creams and pastes effectively withstand sweat and last longer on the skin.

As aluminium is the only ingredient that can clinically block sweat, it’s important to note that Aluminium Free Deodorant won’t prevent perspiration and sweat, but they will control odour effectively and minimise wetness. Plus, perspiration is odourless and healthy! It’s your body’s natural way to expel toxins and regulate body temperature.

When we created Activaura, we aimed to mimic the traditional feel of antiperspirants that keep you dry, as most natural deodorants can feel quite tacky and oily on the skin. Our cream-to-powder formula is contains moisture absorbing French White Clay and Tapioca Starch which dries to a non-greasy finish, keeping wetness at bay.

Activaura Deodorant is made in Australia and has no hazardous chemicals. Activaura lasts from sunset to dawn and feels light on the skin, making it ideal for an active lifestyle. First-time user of natural deodorant, switching to aluminum-free for the first time, adore our Deodorant Sale Online!

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