About Us.

We love when people want to know more about Activaura, just like we love getting to know you.

So, why natural deodorant?

I've always been fascinated with all things fitness, wellness and beauty- especially skincare. I noticed the growing health articles and studies highlighting potential links between aluminium and synthetic chemicals to harming womens health... especially when applied to lymph node areas (underarms!). Yet, I still felt I had no choice but to wear anti-perspirants filled with nasties to get me through my workouts, as natural deodorants often didn't live up to the hype.

After studying cosmetic formulations in my quest to become a skin therapist, I decided to begin formulating a natural deodorant just for myself- that really works.

Now, what was the biggest motivation to begin Activaura?

My partner. As a personal trainer, he simply cannot go a day without deodorant. He faced a real dilemma one morning... his deodorant can was empty. In desperation (and disgust) to get through the morning, he courageously tried my homemade natural deodorant.

He arrived home later that day, completely bamboozled by its effectiveness. "What's exactly in this? How can something natural work THIS good? Is this for real?" To be certain, he puts it to the test once more the following day. Covered in workout sweat with an ear to ear grin, he tells me "If you don't sell this, I will!".

And that, is how Activaura was born.

How Activaura was born...

For as long as I can remember, my parents have always taught me to avoid harmful chemicals in foods, body products and household cleaning products as much as possible. With a family history of breast cancer, I'm mindful to look after my body. I love all things fitness, health and especially skincare - in 2015 I started my journey as a qualified Beauty Therapist. 

Since then, I've seen the growing articles highlighting links between aluminium & synthetic chemicals in body products to harming womens health... especially for lymph node regions (underarms!). Knowing this, I didn't want to continue using anti-perspirants filled with nasties to stop the 'stink'.  

I started buying natural deodorants. I tried so many types... the problem was often they didn't live up to the hype. At the daily 2 o'clock 'sniff check' I'd smell - bad! This inspired me to research formulating a deodorant that kept my body both safe & truly free of B.O. 

Once I got it right, I never bought another deodorant roll-on or can, ever again. But, I did NOT expect it to evolve how it did from here!

When I starting applying this balm to my underarms each morning, my partner would look at me as if I had joined a 'Hippie Greenpeace' movement dressed in tie-dye head to toe. 

6 months later, one morning my partners deodorant spray had completely ran out- he had NO back up! Being a PT and fitness freak himself, he was not prepared to go a whole day without deodorant. He simply had to use my deodorant balm (he also had to take back all his smart a$$ comments to borrow it too). 

Later that day returning from work, I could 'smell' something was different when I greeted him. Where was that stanky, sweaty, gym B.O. that usually floods our apartment? When I pointed this out, he started sniffing his underarms like a dog let off its leash at the park. He was bamboozled how something natural could survive from 6.30am through multiple clients and a 1.5hr training session. 

This was the inception!

To see if it was just a fluke, he used it for another few days. By the weekend, he  looked at me and said "Why does nobody know about this!? Way better than that cr@p I was using. People actually NEED this! If you don't sell this, I will!"

 And... that's the Activaura story.