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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the difference between antiperspirant and natural deodorant?
Antiperspirants contain aluminium compounds (which are controversially linked to some major health issues) that block sweat glands to reduce sweating. We prefer to play on the safe side... perspiration is a natural and healthy body function to regulate body temperature and release toxins - AND it doesn't have to stink!  Activaura is aluminium free and contains wetness-wicking French White Clay to absorb wetness, so you can stay fresher for longer.
Does Activaura really work as a natural deodorant?
Yes- we're the real alternative to anti-perspirants for active lifestyles. Activaura is a 100% natural formula that's free of nasties and works as hard as you do! If you're switching to natural deodorant for the first time, please allow about 2 weeks for your body to adjust in order to experience the full potential of Activaura. For some, it can take up to 30 days to detox from aluminium and harsh chemicals.
What's in Activaura? Do any products contain aluminium, synthetic fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals or harmful chemicals?
Absolutely not! We are 100% free of nasties. Our formula contains French White Clay, anti-microbial Essential Oils and Zinc Ricinoleate extracted from the seeds of Ricinus Communis Plant for true, natural odour protection. For a full ingredient list, please click 'SHOP' and view the individual product.
How do I apply Activaura?
Apply about a pea-sized amount to each underarm- scoop using the included spatula. Use as little or as much as you need - everyone is different. Gently massage in to create an opaque layer of protection. Avoid applying immediately after shaving and allow a few minutes to dry before dressing. Discontinue use should irritation occur.
Will Activaura leave white marks or stain my clothes?
As our ingredients are from naturally derived sources including powdered minerals, it is possible for white marks to transfer onto dark clothing. These marks can be brushed off as quick as they appear by using a damp microfibre towel. To prevent product stains on clothing, ensure the product is given a few minutes to absorb before dressing and use a 'less is more approach'. If you think you have over-applied and notice a build up on your clothing, please use a pre-treatment stain remover before washing.
Where is Activaura made?
Our products are produced in Sydney, Australia. We are Australian owned, made and handcrafted in small batches!
How much is shipping and how long will it take to receive my order?
Shipping is just $3.00 when using our 'Regular Letter Mail' option (no tracking) with no minimum spend. Plus, spend $40, get FREE SHIPPING! Shipping can be upgraded to our 'tracked' shipping options with Australia Post Parcel Post, Express Post and Sendle. Delivery times are dependent on the option selected - for detailed information please view our 'shipping policy' page.
I received my order and the texture/consistency seems different to last time - is this normal?
Particularly during the warmer months, slow temperature fluctuations during shipping can cause the natural shea in our formula to appear lumpy or grainy when it arrives at your doorstep. Not to fear! This won't affect the effectiveness or stability of your deodorant - the shea butter grains will immediately melt away upon skin contact. 
We believe the nourishing skin benefits of shea and offering a formula free of chemical additives makes it all worth it!
If you'd prefer a smoother texture, ensuring the lid is on tight, sit the tin in a shallow bowl of hot water and leave for 15 minutes to melt. Remove (using rubber gloves - hot!), a quick stir, then leave it in the freezer for 15 minutes to cool fast. 
How long will it last? Do I need to reapply during the day?
Refresh is our 'all day' formula applied first thing in the morning (allowing time for the product to absorb before dressing). You may wish to reapply when working out to boost protection. A 40g tin will provide 1-2 months of daily application, depending on how little or much you use. When stored correctly, our anhydrous Activaura formulas have a 12 month shelf life.
My skin can be sensitive to new products or I've had reactions to natural deodorants containing bicarbonate soda in the past. Can I use Activaura?
Our formula is often well tolerated by all skin types. For sensitive skin, we recommend a small patch test on the inside wrist for 2-3 days before using to ensure no sensitivity and to always shave the night before to avoid applying to broken skin. As Activaura incorporates Zinc Ricinoleate and French White Clay for odour protection, the percentage of bicarbonate soda is lower than most natural deodorant formulations making it friendlier for sensitive skins. Nonetheless, please discontinue use should irritation or rash occur and consult a medical professional (we cannot guarantee customers will not experience skin allergies/reactions, as skin chemistry varies from person to person).
Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes! Our cardboard mailers and tins can be placed in the kerbside recycling bin. Our tins can always be re-purposed for storing little items (our reuse suggestions- storing lifting chalk, body lotion for your gym bag, loose leaf tea, cosmetic travel containers!)
Can I use Activaura while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Yes! The essential oil percentage of our deodorants fall within the recommended safety thresholds. Our 'Bloom' Deodorant is our recommended formula to use when pregnant or breastfeeding! However as always, please consult your GP when considering using essential oil products when pregnant or breastfeeding.