OMG, I love this product!! I will never go back to sprays or roll ons. Great smell, texture and keeps me dry. I highly recommend!

I have trialled so many natural deodorants to combat odour and am so happy to have heard about Activaura from a relative, their deodorant is high quality and really does work all day. I prefer to use Australian-based products where possible and my underarms are kinder to me now, I will continue to purchase.

This deodorant is amazing! I wore it for the first time yesterday, no stink from 7am til my shower at 7pm 😍🙌 thank you!!

Soo I feel like I've found a winner. I haven't needed to reach for my usual deodorant I seriously don't stink at all... yes I kept it just incase I needed backup 😂 lol promise I'll be throwing that in the bin when I'm home.

I've had a great experience using your deodorant so far. I loveee the clean fragrance and the paste as it doesn't affect my sinus like spray does. Another thing too is I have noticed hardly any transfer on my clothes too and find it really effective on me. Good for my body so it's good for me too. Thanks 👍

Yes yes! Amazing. I like that it feels powdery but when I rub it on it doesn't fall off you know.

My favourite workout buddy to date <3

Love it's fresh lemon scent, it's like sherbet!

I gifted a tin to my mum :) She wanted me to tell you she thinks your deodorant is amazing. She's told all the ladies in her training group about it too!